Rademacher Brothers Eggs

Iā€™d love for to you to meet our egg producers!


Nolan and Reagan Rademacher live on a small farm surrounded by wind turbines in Hope, Illinois. They are the sons of Corey & Randi Rademacher. Even though they may look young, they have been producing pasture-raised eggs for 5 years. We teamed up with them about 3 years ago when they bought our laying flock, egg-mobile, egg production equipment, and customer list.


The brothers continue to use the same pasture production model that we used for years on our own farm. They move their hens to fresh pasture every day of the growing season. Daily moves give chickens access to fresh grass, bugs, sunshine, exercise, the ability to scratch, and just be a chicken. Because of this clean healthy environment, the chickens have no need for antibiotics or other medications which are routinely given in commercial poultry operations. Their feed is high quality, fresh and non-GMO which is custom blended at Sonrise Farms.

These are some happy, healthy chickens and they are producing delicious, nutritious eggs.


If you have never eaten pasture-raised eggs, you are missing out. When you open the first carton, you will quickly realize that they are beautiful! The shells are shades of freckly tan and brown and not all the eggs look exactly alike.

Next, as you crack one open into a frying pan, you see that the yolk is orange! Not light yellow, I am talking really orange! Fry them up with some bacon and you will have one of the most delicious breakfasts of your life.

Rademacher Brothers eggs are available in our farm store. Check our Products Page for store details.