Our Team


Dan & Diane Hesterberg - Visionary Founders

We were married in 1989 and have been blessed with five children. In 1995 we began conventional row crop farming producing corn, soybeans, and wheat. The difference began in the late 90’s when we started converting some of our cropland into a natural pasture-based system. Soon we began raising chickens on pasture and next came beef cattle. Much has transpired since then as our passion and vision for producing healthy and nourishing food has grown.

Directing farm operations and caring for the livestock are Dan’s chief responsibilities. Diane is our secretary, handles marketing, and manages the farm store.


Seth Hesterberg - Crop Production & Mechanic

With a fondness for a steering wheel in his hands, Seth is actively involved in crop production. One of his favorite jobs is baling hay and he prides himself in producing top quality hay for our herd’s winter feed.

In the shop, Seth helps keep our equipment running smoothly. He also operates Cornbelt Custom ATV, an ATV accessories and service business, here on the farm.


Elizabeth Hesterberg - Livestock Operations

With a love for all animals, Elizabeth can usually be found in the barn or pastures. She has a small herd of miniature donkeys which our customers enjoy. She is the brooder manager, but also pitches in to help with cattle whenever needed.

Elizabeth handcrafts all the natural beauty care products found in our farm store. She is also in the planning and research phase of a fresh milk dairy. She would like to one day offer fresh, unpasteurized milk to our customers through our farm store. If you would like to receive updates on the progress of the dairy, use the contact form to let us know.