Poultry Cuts Now Available

At Sonrise Farms we have been processing poultry in our state exempt facility for 20 years. Our Illinois state exemption only allows us to sell whole chickens which must be picked up by the customer directly from our farm. To comply with the state law, we are not allowed to cut up the chickens and sell individual cuts.


Customers have been asking us for some time if we would consider selling anything other than whole chickens. We know how chickens are supposed to be processed and have very high standards so we were unsure what would be the best option.

Finally in July, we visited Central Illinois Poultry Processing which is a USDA poultry processing facility in Arthur, Illinois. We wanted to get a closer look at their operation and talk with the owners.

The owners of CIPP were more than happy to give us a tour, allowed us to take photos, and see every part of their operation. We were very happy with what we saw! CIPP is super clean and run in an extremely efficient manner.


As of mid October, we now offer the following frozen chicken cuts sold by the pound:

  • Skinless Boneless Breasts

  • Thighs

  • Drumsticks

  • Wings

  • Ground Chicken

  • Neck & Backs

  • Hearts

  • Livers

All whole chickens will continue to be processed here in our on-farm, state exempt facility. We will still be selling them fresh and if we have any extras they will be sold whole in the farm store.

We are excited to offer these new options to our customers. If you haven't visited our farm store, we would love to have you come by.

Happy New Year from the Hesterbergs

Happy New Year from the Hesterbergs

Dan and I want each of you to know how much we have enjoyed serving families like yours over the past 20+ years. Some are still new to us, but many have grown into dear friends. We look forward to your visits to the farm. Your life stories, encouragement and friendship make all the hard work worthwhile. At this season of the year, we want to say how thankful we are for each of you. We also thought you might enjoy a family update.