You want to cook healthy meals for your family, but you are busy trying to juggle the kids’ schedules, your career, school, and community activities.

You are also trying to become an expert in nutrition to solve your family’s health concerns so you spend too much of your precious time in the grocery store trying to decide which meats would be the best for your family’s health…organic, grass-fed, pasture-raised?

We understand because that has been our journey too.

Finding foods that will help you and your family improve your health and live better lives is not impossible. We are here to help you. That is why we do what we do.

We believe that by changing your diet you can make significant improvements in your health. Our pasture-raised meats offer the kinds of nutrients that your body “expects”to be fed. Meat from grass-fed animals is lower in fat and calories plus higher in cancer-fighting fatty acids, antioxidants and minerals.

About 25 years ago, we had a typical Illinois farm producing corn and soybeans. We felt there had to be a better, healthier and more sustainable way to care for the land so we began converting some of our cropland into a natural pasture-based system. That was just the beginning!

We raise our chickens in portable pasture shelters where they receive plenty of fresh air and sunshine. Their feed is made from non-GMO grains and organic minerals with NO hormones or antibiotics added.

Our herd of  beef cattle is rotated to a fresh section of pasture every day of the growing season. As a ruminant animal, cattle are meant to graze on grass not eat grain. We do our best to raise our cattle the natural way God intended. This method produces a delicious, great tasting beef. By doing things the correct way, our cattle have NO need for antibiotics, hormones or grain supplements. In many ways our beef is above and beyond organic!

We love the changes we have seen in our land, our animals, and our food. We are committed to helping you enjoy healthy, high quality meats which can have a profoundly positive impact on your overall health and longevity.

Serving families just like yours is one of our greatest joys.

We love your products! It literally tastes so much better than store bought.
— Melissa T.

We would love to have you come to the farm!

Our farm store is open Tuesdays and Saturdays.