Our New Farm Store

Many people dream about a new car, an exotic vacation or maybe even winning the lottery. Well, my dream for many years has been a new farm store! I know that’s an unusual dream, but then I’m not really “normal” either.

We’ve had varying ideas over the years. We’ve taken measurements and drawn sketches. We’ve even had building contractors give us proposals.

During the winter months, we began rethinking and making changes to many aspects of our business. We decided that the time was finally right to move forward with a new farm store. After considering many options we opted for a portable shed-type structure which would be pre-built and moved onto our farm.

We ordered the building on a cold, snowy day in January. The builder said he would have it completed in about 3 weeks! This dream was getting REAL!

After weeks of waiting for favorable conditions to prepare the building site, the weather finally cooperated. Our son, Luke, who owns an excavating business, was able to get the building pad ready.

Early in the morning on Wednesday, March 27, a big white truck pulled into our driveway. On the trailer was our new farm store constructed by Park Stable Works of Rockville, Indiana. We had been talking and planning for so long that it was hard to believe it was really happening.

Doug, the delivery driver, did an excellent job unloading and placing the building on the pad. He got it within a couple inches of where we wanted it, but his fancy three-wheeled mover just couldn’t maneuver over the rough terrain for the final placement.

So what’s a farmer to do but get out the tractor and some chain and pull it over those last couple inches!

After a gentle tug with the tractor, a struggle with the lock, and an adjustment to the porch, the building was at home.


You might be thinking the building looks ready for business. Well, the exterior is perfect, but the inside is completely unfinished.


Here is the plan:

  • Finish the interior - climate controlled with cute farmhouse decor

  • New retail freezers

  • New product offerings

  • Regular store hours

We are hoping to have the new store open by early June.

We are excited about the new products and better service that the store will allow us to offer our amazing customers.

Happy Spring,