Visit Our Farm Store

We are located in Vermilion County, Illinois about 25 miles northeast of Champaign-Urbana and 20 miles northwest of Danville. We are in the process of building a new farm store which we plan to open June 2019. Until then the store is open by appointment only. Read on to find out how to order pasture-raised chicken and grass-finished beef in bulk.



Grass-Finished Beef

In many ways our beef is above and beyond organic! Are you ready to try real beef raised in a natural, healthy environment? Maybe you just don’t trust the food in the grocery store any longer and want to truly know where your food comes from. If you are ready to make the switch to real beef, we would be honored to be your farmer.

Our beef cattle are moved to fresh, green pastures every day of the growing season which is what gives our meat an extraordinary flavor. We offer freezer beef - quarters, halves or a whole which can be ordered via the link below. A Ground Beef Value Box, a Sampler Box, and individual frozen cuts are available in our farm store.


Pasture-Raised Chicken

Our chickens offer some pretty fantastic nutritional perks, but it only takes one bite of a fresh, pasture-raised chicken and you’ll KNOW…the flavor is absolutely amazing! They are lovingly raised on our lush green pastures which is what gives them that melt-in-your mouth flavor.

Throw a chicken in the crock pot in the morning and come home to a delicious meal. Our chickens are sold whole and occasionally we offer frozen chickens in our farm store. Tentative processing dates are listed on the order form.


We’ve been getting our chicken and beef from the Hesterbergs at Sonrise Farms for at least 15 years. Great family, love the way they raise the animals, love that I can ask questions about their farming methods. And I love the beef and chicken! So worth the drive and I am happy to do business with people who raise animals the right way!
— Kelly J.